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We can turn electronics into materials that can be reused Environmental Compliance We work to ensure that our processes are in compliance with electronic recycling laws and for peace of mind we offer visible tracking of e-waste throughout the process Comprehensive Logistics With Waste Management s coast-to-coast processing network we

Recycling services Outdated technology doesn t have to end up in a landfill So when it s time to upgrade your laptops and printers or replace your ink and toner count on Staples to recycle it …

Electronics recycling begins with a proper disposal method Once we pick up your unwanted electronics we sort through everything to determine where to take them next First any pieces that are still in working order will be donated to local charities so they can extend their life cycle with a new owner

Headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles Homeboy Electronics Recycling offers comprehensive nationwide services for the proper disposal and management of your IT assets We are an R2 Responsible Recycling certified and award-winning social enterprise focused on customer service value recovery and social impact

Disposing of electronic equipment in the trash is illegal in Colorado as of July 1 2013 in accordance with Colorado s Electronic Recycling Jobs Act SB 12-133 4 20 12 Electronics contain a variety of harmful and in some cases even toxic substances that when discarded can pose risks to our health and the environment

Our St Louis South County Missouri electronics recycling facility is located in Green Park by I-55 Take Lindbergh Boulevard to Lindbergh Business Court on the left going East right going west and make the 1st right onto St Johns Church Road

Electronics Recycling Unwanted electronics are one of the nation s fastest growing waste streams Often called e-scrap electronics contain potentially hazardous material such as lead and mercury that can pose a risk to human health and the environment if not properly managed

Electronics Recycling Act 108 of 2010 The Covered Device Recycling Act bans all covered devices from landfills however the Centre County Recycling Refuse Authority offers a free drop off service for residents Covered Devices includes desktop computers …

Get help with your e-waste and electronics recycling needs Republic Services can remove sensitive data from your devices then recycle them responsibly

United Electronic Recycling Accepts all computer related equipment printers audio and video equipment consumer electronics cell phones and TVs View a complete list of what products UER accepts Has a ZERO landfill or incinerator initiative They are in full compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act FACTA for

Hundreds of millions of these devices become obsolete each year That is one reason why electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the United States Recycling electronics helps ensure that the precious metals aluminum steel plastics and other materials are recycled

Sadoff E-recycling Data Destruction is a Sadoff Iron Metal Company with 70 years of recycling experience for non-ferrous metals and ferrous scrap auto salvage electronics recycling and more We re known for our integrity building trust with customers as …

Electronics waste commonly known as e-scrap or e-waste is the trash we generate from surplus broken and obsolete electronic devices Electronics contains various toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials that are released into the environment if we do not dispose of them properly E-waste or electronics recycling

Electronics Waste E-waste Recycling Opportunities In California it is illegal to dispose of electronic devices computers monitors televisions and other electronic devices in the regular garbage or recycling containers

OPEN FOR BUSINESS - ACCEPTING TELEVISIONS Cumberland County s electronics recycling center is located at 1001 Claremont Road in Carlisle click here to view map Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information

Disclaimer These sites are listed for informational purposes only US EPA does not endorse any of these entities nor their services Electronics donation and recycling is a great way to help conserve resources and natural materials It is important to make sure you are donating and or recycling

Many electronics manufacturers and retailers offer robust recycling programs A chart at the EPA s website lets you search programs by product or company The following are just a few of the

It is the duty of the user of the recycling program to ensure data erasure Will County assumes no responsibility to protect any electronic data remaining in electronics deposited in the electronic recycling program If you need more detailed instructions e-mail or call the County Land Use Resource Recovery Energy offices

E-Waste Recycling Recycling Your Old Electronics For Cash Almost everyone has an old phone or other electronic equipment gathering dust in the attic or basement People spend so much money on their electronics that even when these electronics become obsolete their owners still find it difficult parting with them

Electronics Disposal the Environment and the Law Most computer monitors and televisions contain about five pounds of lead Computers also contain other elements that if improperly disposed of can be environmental hazards including metals and rechargeable batteries

Oct 10 2019· The electronic devices that surround you on a daily basis are built with many components that contain precious metals of gold silver copper and palladium From cell phones to modems and computers old electronics are finding a new lease on life in the electronics recycling marketplace

406 Recycling is headquartered in Helena Montana and provides electronics recycling for area businesses government agenices nonprofits and the public

Electronics Recycling The sites listed below are open to ALL DuPage County residents Locations will be closed for the following holidays New Years Day Martin Luther King Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving and the following day Christmas Day

Be sure to call before bringing e-waste to be recycled at any of the locations listed above Recycling policies are rapidly changing and therefore affecting what e-waste recyclers will accept Click here to learn more about recycling your electronics

Guide To Recycling Your Electronics If you want to get rid of electronic equipment that you no longer use and want to protect the environment follow these steps 1 Don t throw old electronics in the trash Don t put your old electronic products or batteries in the trash even if it s legal in your state The

Some electronic items contain parts and other chemical compounds that may be hazardous to the environment Help keep these items out of landfills dumps and other unauthorized abandonment sites by participating in a responsible electronic recycling program in your local area

We Buy Computers Laptops Servers Routers Switches All It Equipment Don t Throw it Away Get Paid Today 614-478-0808

Electronics Recycling Management Program Electronic discards include computers monitors televisions audio equipment printers and other electronic devices Consumer electronic products are characterized by rapidly evolving technology and a relatively short product life Advances in technology for all electronic equipment soon renders them

Our electronics recycling process is compliant transparent and secure As electronic scrap proliferates the need to dispose of old equipment in an environmentally responsible way has increased At Sunnking we pride ourselves on being pioneers and professionals in the recycling …

How to recycle electronics in Wisconsin Many electronics can no longer be put in the trash in Wisconsin and must be reused recycled or managed as hazardous waste The information below will help you prepare your electronics for reuse or recycling find an electronics collection site or contact a recycler for larger volumes of e-waste