peralkaline granite with gold

Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Rare Metals Fluid Inclusions Peralkaline Rocks Geochemistry My research is devoted mainly to understanding the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits In particular I have investigated rare-metal bearing alkaline rocks orogenic gold deposits pegmatites porphyry deposits and gems

A-type granites characteristics petrogenesis and their Subaluminous to peralkaline sometimes peraluminous 3 For rocks of intermediate silica content A-type granitoids generally have • Six peralkaline granite massifs confined to the margins of the Keivy terrane

REE and HFSE mineralization in peralkaline granites of the Ambohimirahavavy alkaline complex Ampasindava peninsula Madagascar These granites represent one of very few known occurrence of eudialyte in granite Eudialyte in agpaitic peralkaline granite GR-III is an early magmatic phase that forms euhedral poikilitic grains

U S GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Preliminary Geologic Map of the South Boston 30 X 60 Minute Quadrangle ia and North Carolina by J Wright Horton Jr 1 John D Peper1 John D Marr Jr 2 William C Burton1 and Paul E Sacks1 Open File Report 93-244 Prepared in cooperation with the ia Division of Mineral Resources

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At Sams Creek a peralkaline granite porphyry dyke hosts gold-bearing sulfide-quartz-siderite veins The granite dyke intrudes Ordovician-Silurian metapelite and quartzite and has thin lamprophyre dykes along its contacts The mineralised veins and the granite and lamprophyre dykes have been deformed during several phases of folding the youngest of which is Early Cretaceous

Averill S A 2013 Discovery and delineation of the Rainy River gold deposit using glacially dispersed gold grains sampled by deep overburden drilling In New frontiers for exploration in glaciated terrain Structural and textural evolution of the Strange Lake peralkaline rare-element NYF granite pegmatite Quebec Labrador

Granite-related intrusion-related gold intrusion-related Sn-W porphyry Mo pegmatitie rare metal Rossing-type U Convergent generally inboard from arcs generally with post-collisional timing Volcanic basin Moderately to strongly reduced ΣH 2 S ΣSO 4 to ΣH 2 S ΣSO 4 Collision and accretion change in subduction direction

Both the peralkaline and metaluminous granites were thus mantle-derived The peraluminous granite was emplaced at ∼ 251 Ma and was likely formed by partial melting of Yangtze basement rocks The discrepancy between the older ages ∼ 260 Ma and younger ages ∼ 252 Ma suggests there were two stages of melting in the Panxi region

Petrogenesis and Tectonic Implications of Peralkaline A-Type Granites and Syenites from the Suizhou-Zaoyang Region Central China the syenite-peralkaline granite association comprises of

Peralkaline rocks include those igneous rocks which have a deficiency of aluminium such that sodium and potassium are in excess of that needed for feldspar The presence of aegerine sodium pyroxene and riebeckite sodium amphibole are indicative of peralkaline conditions An example is the peralkaline granite that forms the islet of Rockall in the North Atlantic Ocean

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Aug 01 2014· Exploration and mining highlights in Nova Scotia When it comes to mineral resources Nova Scotia offers tremendous opportunity Gold Nova Scotia hosts more than 60 historical gold districts Th-rich peralkaline granite intrusions and in an overlying suite of felsic and mafic volcanic rocks was first discovered in northern Nova

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At Sams Creek a peralkaline microgranite dyke intrudes Lower Palaeozoic greenschist facies metasediments The granitedyke has been extensively silicified and hosts stockwork veins composed of quartz siderite and arsenopyrite pyrite ± gold ± galena ± sphalerite ± chalcopyrite ± pyrrhotite

Jan 19 2006· Abstract At Sams Creek a gold-bearing peralkaline granite porphyry dyke which has a 7 km strike length and is up to 60 m in thickness intrudes camptonite lamprophyre dykes and lower greenschist facies metapelites and quartzites of the Late Ordovician Wangapeka formation

At Sams Creek a gold-bearing peralkaline granite pophyry dyke intrudes Ordovician-Silurian metapelite and quartzite The granite porphyry dyke has a thickness of up to 40 m extends discontinuously for about 8 km and intrudes thin lamprophyre dykes along its contacts The granite dyke and gold-bearing sulphide and quartz-siderite veins within it have been deformed and

Southeast Cape Breton Island has a cluster of granite-hosted Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Au deposits These deposits are known as the French Road or Oceanview deposits they have characteristics indicative of the intrusion-related gold deposit type or more recently named thermal aureole gold TAG deposits

Peralkaline Granite Granite is a medium-tocoarse-grained acid igneous rock with essential quartz 20 and feldspar where alkali feldspar constitutes between 100 and 35 of the feldspars and minor mafic minerals Hornblende and biotite are the commonest mafic minerals however muscovite is also frequently encountered

In most of the hydrothermal deposits that form in the granite-related mineral system critical commodities such as Sn W and Mo are the primary product The only exceptions are intrusion-related gold deposits where by and large Au is the only recovered commodity

Genetically related to the Jurassic Bokan Mountain peralkaline granite Alteration of deposit This prospect and the other uranium thorium and REE deposits associated with the Bokan Mountain peralkaline granite are marked by albitization chloritization and argillization

peralkaline granite with gold - Newest Crusher peralkaline granite with gold crusher for wast granite Highly peralkaline forms of Granite which are silica undersaturated may have a feldspathoid How To Crush Decomposed Granite For Gold Processing Chat Now

Esmond Granite - Light-gray to pink biotite granite generally slightly altered locally foliated Gradational with Zgmgd Intrudes Zsg Esmond Granite occupies nearly 100 sq km in RI and forms an elongate pluton southeast of Woonsocket RI of which only the northern part is …

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Proterozoic deposits in Australia and Greenland Leon Bagas1 Jochen Kolb2 Marco Fiorentini1 Bo Møller Stensgaard2 base metals to gold •Au-qtz veins with arsenopyrite and lesser pyrite marcasite galena 3 main pulses augite syenite peralkaline granite and syenite peralkaline and Si-understurated Bottom cummulates

Gold is associated with an arsenopyrite-pyrite-quartz-siderite vein stockwork in a peralkaline granite porphyry dyke which intrudes 500 Ma metasedimentary rocks The granite dyke which is about 320 Ma has a thickness of 30 to 60 m and extends discontinuously for 7 km

The highest gold grades are found in the peralkaline dyke at the folds with the company identifying at least three the major one being at Main Zone The Sams Creek Peralkaline Granite Hosted Gold Deposit north-west Nelson New Zealand PACRIM 2004 Quarry and Mining Magazine 2015 Sams Creek Finds Gold at the Folds 20 February 2015

TIN GOLD AND GRANITOIDS IN BRAZIL 1DALL AGNOL R 2BETTENCOURT J S The peralkaline subsolvus albite granite of the Pitinga province is a remarkable exception Horbe et al Granite gold seems to be related to a porphyry system Botelho and Moura 1998 The mineralization is concentrated in the most

2 generation during alteration of peralkaline granites we performed hydrothermal experiments on pure arfvedsonite arfv and natural granite 20 wt arfv from Strange Lake We used gold capsules and a Ti flexible reaction-cell rocking autoclave to investigate the effects of temperature up to 400°C chlorinity and pH Numerous

Furthermore a mantle origin of a granitic magma may have little influence on the magma composition for it has been argued that rocks as varied as tonalite Tate et al 1999 fayalite granite Frost Frost 1997 and peralkaline granite Barker et al 1975 are of mantle derivation