dry ice blasting technnology fundamentals

Cold Jet dry ice blasting machines are available for rent lease or purchase equipped with different dry ice capacities and hose lengths Dry ice blasting leaves no residue and has been used for a diverse applications including mold remediation food and beverage equipment cleaning industrial equipment maintenance medical equipment manufacturing and weld line cleaning

Ice blasting or wet-ice blasting frozen-ice blasting water-ice blasting is a form of non-abrasive blasting where frozen water particles are combined with compressed air and propelled towards a surface for cleaning purposes Ice is one of several different medias commonly used for blast cleaning Another common method of non-abrasive blasting is dry ice blasting which uses the solid form

The Latest In Technology Dry Ice Solutions has partnered up with the ASCO Carbon Dioxide LTD are able to supply dry ice equipment at an affordable price Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions Safe Thorough Dry Ice Cleaning also known as dry ice blasting is a technique similar to sand blasting but makes use of solid CO2 dry ice pellets Experts

Why Dry Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting otherwise known as dry ice cleaning is a more aggressive form of precision cleaning using dry ice pellets instead of CO2 snow The latest in dry ice blasting technology the CoolMaster was developed with the aim of permanently changing the cleaning industry

Dry Ice Blasting Machines Continental Carbonic offers the broadest line of dry ice blasting machines on the market and will use our years of experience to find …

The pioneer and global leader in dry ice blasting technology We introduced dry ice blasting technology to the market in 1986 and have been continuously innovating from then onward We hold the original patent for modern dry ice blasting equipment and more than 100 patents worldwide

Jul 09 2014· Continental Carbonic will feature dry ice blasting products at the Institute of Food Technology IFT Show in New Orleans this June 22-24 2014 Continental Carbonic has implemented dry ice blasting in several top food processing facilities as an alternative cleaning method that prevents moisture from being used in production areas

The Fundamentals of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Today CO 2 blasting is being effectively used in a wide array of applications from heavy slag removal to delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning Imagine a process that

Dry ice blasting cleans surfaces through a combination of kinetic energy extreme temperature change and sublimation the solid dry ice conversion to gas Read our Back to Basics The Fundamentals of Dry Ice Blasting blog post to learn more about how dry ice blasting works

Dry ice blasting is a quicker and more efficient solution to removing adhesive buildup on production equipment The low temperature of dry ice weakens the bond between the adhesive and surface enabling for a more effective removal

Dec 04 2017· Demonstration of the COMMANDO AP All-Pneumatic Dry Ice Blasting Machine by Nu-Ice Age Inc on a welding fixture Powerful cleaning using only air and dry ice Available from Wire Wizard Welding

IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable high-performance dry ice blasting equipment IceTech has provided dry ice solutions for more than a decade and continues to serve the world with superior dry ice technology through a highly versatile line of dry ice blasting dry ice cleaning dry ice production and automated solutions

Dry Ice Blasting is designed to replace high-pressure cleaning and other traditional blasting methods that use materials such as sand glass and plastic as abrasive agents In addition however a wide range of other cleaning methods that involve the use of hazardous chemicals solvents etc can with advantage be replaced by Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice cleaning Fundamentals Step 1 the dry ice particles in the high-pressure air to accelerate to nearly the speed of sound impact surface to be cleaned instantly vaporized in the impact the momentum of the impact of dry ice instantly disappear dry ice particles and clean the surface heat transfer occurs between rapid resulting in solid CO2 rapidly sublimate into gas

Aug 12 2009· For more information about dry ice blasting or industrial cleaning services please call Snow White Services at 765-463-9100 or visit us at

Apr 09 2014· Upon impact the solid blasting dry ice pellets turn to a gas which is the third and final step called sublimation The volume expansion of the blasting dry ice causes a micro-explosion that removes the undesired layer leaving it contaminant free All three levels work together to create the dry ice blasting process

Dry Blasting Soda Blasting Wet Blasting Paint Stripping Peening Powder Enamel application lines Dry Ice Dry Snow Cleaning Dry Ice Technology Dry Snow Technology UHP Water Jetting Cleaning Decontamination De-coring Deburring Standard solutions Dry Ice Cleaning Products Automated Dry Ice loading for robotised cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting Training Technical Support Continental Carbonic s factory trained technicians can service and repair all major brands of dry ice blasting machines and after cooler dryers In addition we can help you determine the need for kits to keep on-hand such as critical downtime kits safety kits additional blast hoses nozzles and

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Working Video Dry ice blasting machine SL-550 As the medium model of dry ice blasting machine dry ice cleaning machine it s motor power is 0 55kw and its air consumption is 2-4 m³ min The diameter of the dry ice particles made by this model ranges from 1mm to 3mm

Dry ice blasting saves time money and cuts down on wasted scrap in the plastics and injection molding industry Take a look at how much you can save while cleaning your injection molding equipment with dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is now recognised as the foremost solution for the industry to maximise production capability and quality Unlike traditional methods dry ice blasting is multi-purpose and can be used in even the most sensitive of environments including food manufacturing read more

Vortex is a dedicated Surface Preparation company specialising in Dry Ice Blasting with our headquarters based in Perth Western Australia Operating with over 10 years experience in decontamination work industrial cleaning surface preparation restoration and disaster remediation work

Jan 13 2015· Introducing The Freeze Jet VR1 Dry Ice Blasting System Easy to use powerful reliable affordable Dry ice blast cleaning uses solid CO2 a non-abrasive media that won t damage surfaces or

Dec 27 2018· The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect cleaning media Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and non-conductive and will not damage surfaces or equipment Dry ice sublimates on impact leaving behind no secondary waste Dry ice is non-toxic and safe for employees Dry ice is environmentally responsible Dry ice cleaning is a preferred method for employees performing …

Dry Ice Blasting The new technology of CO2 blasting is the modern alternative to chemical cleaning sandblasting water blasting steam cleaning manual scrubbing scraping and hand tooling and is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today Dry ice cleaning is typically much faster than other cleaning methods

Dry Ice Blasting is the superior alternative to sand blasting shot blasting soda blasting water blasting hand cleaning According to one industry leader Apex Dry Ice Blasting Dry Ice Blasting substantially reduces downtime the high costs of secondary waste disposal and …

Dry ice blasting is a cutting edge technology to clean your industrial injection molding printing or food equipment in the most efficient and cleanest form possible Dry ice blasting will maximize your down-time efficiencies and its environmentally safe Call now for a free estimate Navigation Home

South Dakota Dry Ice Blasting - Industrial Cleaning Restoration Services About us Our company provides industrial cleaning and restoration services exclusively using the process of dry ice blasting Dry ice blasting is the superior alternative to media blasting solvents water steam hand cleaning chemicals and abrasives

Non-toxic and non-conductive Dry ice is a food grade media and is safe for commercial use More efficiently allocate labor The process reduces time labor and resources needed How does dry ice blasting compare to other methods Dry ice blasting s unique characteristics make it an efficient cost-effective and environmentally responsible

Wet and dry ice blasting machine for cleaning industrial and commercial equipment A great alternative to traditional dry ice blasting machines soda blasting or sand blasting Next generation dustless blasting