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The MBE MagMixer is designed for your applications where bottom mounted agitators are preferred The Lightnin MBE MagMixer has a rugged bearing design an optimized impeller and can mix up to 50 000L Open aseptic construction in accordance with ASME-BPE allows for flow through the bearings favoring easy CIP and SIP

Flocculation After flash mixing flocculation begins through a slower gentler mixing that brings the fine particles produced during the coagulation step into contact with each other The flocculation phase usually goes on for 30-45 minutes in a flocculation basin that may have multiple compartments

Type = Static Mixer Design Criteria - Detention Time = 1 - 3 sec - G - Value = 500 - 700 sec-1 - GT = 350 - 1500 3 3 Calculation Theory Rule of Thumb - estimateing the Length of one element is to designated the length as 1 5 - 2 5 times the pipe diameter the …

All Mixers are custom designed by our highly trained mixer design specialists High quality mixing equipment for all industries and applications We match the right impeller with your mixer by considering the profile pumping and power needs of your application

Flash mixers are specially designed and fabricated for the process requirement of water and waste water treatment The mixer design ensures efficient minimum energy consumption and long life This equipment blends coagulants and other chemicals with water waste water prior to flocculation The aggressive agitation results in

Jan 28 2019· After the process explanation there is a design calculation of flash mixer with its agitator s power requirement calculation and flocculator with its paddle mixer s power requirement calculation

Controlled Density Fill CDF Where can I Use Controlled Density Fill CDF or flowable fill is composed of water portland cement fine aggregate and fly ash or slag cement It is a fluid material with typical slumps of 10 inches or more and has the consistency of a milk shake

Design a horizontal flow baffled channel flocculatorfor a treatment plant of 10000m 3 day capacity The flocculation basin is to be divided into 3 sections of equal volume each section having constant velocity gradients of 50 35 25 s-1 respectively The total flocculation time is to be 21 min and the water temperature is 15 °C

Komax Systems Inc hows one of four 42 inch diameter Komax Systems 316L stainless steel static mixers installed at the Air Force Academy water treatment plant by the M A Mortenson Construction Organization The Komax static mixers were selected to flash mix chemical additives into the water treatment plant s 40 mgd water stream

Dec 28 2015· Flash Mixing with a Rapid Mixer Flash Mixing in Water Treatment The water treatment process truly begins with a very brief turn in a flash mixing chamber After screening out debris and testing raw water chemicals that encourage coagulation are added to the water stream The mixture is agitated quickly and thoroughly in a process called flash

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Feb 06 2018· Learn about Coagulant Feed Equioment and Flash Mixing in this excerpt from our Water Treatment Exam Review 0 03 - Solution Feeders 1 23 - Diaphragm Pump 2 29 - Peristaltic Pump 3 14 - Rapid-Mix

Jun 19 2009· Governing parameters in the design of Flash Mixer are Velocity Gradient G and the Detention Time t Varying values of G and t have been recommended in the literature The values recommended for the design of Flash Mixer along with their reference and the values adopted are given below Design Parameter Ref 1 Ref 2 Ref 4

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The design of the industrial mixer shaft must be able to handle the torque and bending moment induced by its impeller Modern designs for industrial mixer impellers often put more stress on the mixer shaft caused by bending moment than the stress caused by the torque required to power them

want to consider an automatic mixer in the chemical tank to provide thorough mixing Jar Testing The raw water characteristics will affect the type and amount of chemicals used Changes in raw water pH temperature alkalinity total organic carbon and turbidity will affect coagulation and subsequently filtration and finished water quality

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- Design liquid depth was between 1 1-1 6 times the basin width - Impeller diameter was between 0 3-0 5 times the tank diameter width - Baffles extended 10 of the tank width The best design determined to fit the aforementioned criteria resulted in seven 5 70 m 3 rectangular prisms to function as the rapid mix basins The width of each tank is

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Find out here how to get the best concrete mix for your project Learn about why concrete mix design is important what goes into concrete mixes and how to design a mix for concrete that suits your needs

May 20 2015· Mixing 101 Optimal Mixer Design 4 FACTORS FOR OPTIMAL CONFIGURATION Getting the right mixer for the job involves so much more than simply purchasing a standard unit off-the-shelf There is an art to configuring a mixer that will optimize the results of an application

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Your local ready-mix producer may suggest mixes varying from these components depending on their availability and the specified project requirements The versatility in design of the flowable fill mixtures offers numerous advantages to the specifying engineer

STATIC MIXER ENGINEERING DESIGN GUIDELINE Co-Author Rev 01 Aprilia Jaya Rev 02 Aprilia Jaya Editor Karl Kolmetz KLM Technology Group is providing the introduction to this guideline for free on the internet Please go to our website to order the complete document TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION 4

Because static mixers are motionless by design all the energy required to provide a perfect blend is provided by the energy of the flow stream No Moving Parts Unlike traditional mixers static mixers remain motionless during the mixing process Custom-Designed for Your Application

Oct 16 2013· Flash mixer 47 L-20 DESIGN OF FLOCCULATOR 48 Vertical shaft flocculator BLADES 49 Horizontal shaft flocculator 50 Plank Shaft 51 Paddle blades Shaft 52 Paddle blade flocculator •The Main design parameters of flocculator units are • mixing time t …

Komax Systems Inc hows one of four 42 inch diameter Komax Systems 316L stainless steel static mixers installed at the Air Force Academy water treatment plant by the M A Mortenson Construction Organization The Komax static mixers were selected to flash mix chemical additives into the water treatment plant s 40 mgd water stream

With proper mix design the 7 and 28-days strength of fly ash concrete may be equal or even more than plain concrete The 90 days strength of fly ash concrete may be more than 140 of plain concrete The cost of fly ash is negligible

Oct 03 2016· Home ETP What is Flash Mixer in Water Treatment Plant What is Flash Mixer in Water Treatment Plant Engr Kh Mashiur Rahman October 3 2016 ETP 1 Comment 2 201 Views Flow Chart for Effluent Treatment Plant Design December 20 …

The safety hazards an operator may encounter when operating a coagulation-flocculation process include electrical equipment rotating mechanical equipment water treatment chemicals laboratory chemicals reagents slippery surfaces caused by wet polymers open surface water filled structures drowning and confined spaces and underground structures such as valve or pump vaults toxic and