black pipe size for a 1 2 million btu furnence

I want to replace my existing 40 000 BTU tank water heater with a 100 000 BTU AOSmith Vertex I am wondering if I need a larger gas supply The existing gas supply from the meter is 30 3 4 black iron to tee above furnace 5 1 2 black iron furnace riser to 100 000 BTU furnace 6 1 2…

Mar 24 2007· Can my 1 2 gas pipe deliver a combined 60 000 BTU with no problems I have just replaced my older electric clothes dryer with a new gas dryer rated at 22 000 BTU and would like to tap into my existing 1 2 gas pipe that feeds my water heater 8 feet away rated at 34 000 BTU I have spoke with plumbers and they are 50 50 on telling me that the existing 1 2 line will not provide enough BTU

I have a 1 gas line in the crawl space I want to now add piping for a gas firplace insert a gas water heater and a gas range My question is Can I run 1 2 pipe for each appliance back to the 1 main Are there any distance requirements that a 1 2 line can run Do I need to step from 1 to 3 4 then to 1 2 My longest run would be to the gas fireplace about 50 to the water heater about

The tables and charts from the Fuel Gas Code that are then used to determine pipe size along with an allowable pressure loss will determine the size line required for the length of run and the BTU requirement of the equipment The 3 4 outlet from the meter is then negated by the increase in size of piping to the equipment

BTU Load of the furnace is 125 CFH BTU Load of the grill is 40 CFH Total CFH load is 310 The length of pipe from the gas meter to the farthest appliance which is the grill is You will never get more gas through the 3 4 pipe than will pass thorough the 1 2 nipple Pipe Size Chart

Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing - Sizing pipes for natural gas - pressures above 5 psi 35 kPa Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing - Sizing low pressure natural gas pipe lines - Metric values Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing Calculator - Calculate the capacities and dimensions of natural gas pipe lines

Nov 13 2009· 1 2 inch will carry gas for a 100 000 btu furnace I would not use galvanized pipe if I didn t need to This should only be the drop if you are running the gas line over 15 ft I would use 3 4 inch then the last few ft can be 1 2 inch But if this is propane 1 2 inch is fine

The regulator on the stove outlet is only 1 2 inch Does that mean I m ok with 1 2 all the way from the main line Or does it make sense to go 3 4 to the stove shutoff valve and then reduce to 1

Instead of running 1 2 inch copper flex with Ts to each appliance do i need to increase the volume in the system to have enough gas to feed all three appliances If I was using NG i d install at least a ten foot piece of 1 1 4 black pipe to build up the volume and then run 1 2 inch Ts with 1 2 inch pipe …

Jan 16 2017· Getting ready to install a comfortmaker 40 000 btu 95 percent 2 stage gas furnace In the manual it says you can run 1 1 2 PVC for 50 feet not including elbows I ll have 20-30 foot total counting elbows My question is this would it do any harm not work if I ran 2 PVC In my opinion it d just be easier to run 2 PVC If I remember correctly some of the older carriers were strict on using

Generally a larger vent is functional and safe as long as the chimney size and height are not so large that the heating appliance won t develop adequate draft It s not just stove pipe size you need to consider but proper fire-rating of the flue or chimney materials clearances from combustibles cleanout access and …

Pipe size for high BTU range Author jakeb CA I m upgrading my kitchen and bought a 6 burner Wolf range The instructions state that I need 3 4 pipe to the wall but can use 1 2 hose for …

This means the minimum size needed to deliver the appropriate amount of BTU s to satisfy demand will be 1 inch pipe steel or copper Delta Δ T Boiler Piping Flow Pipe Sizing - It is very important this is correctly done as too much flow rate reduces efficiency as described above and it can have detrimental effects on the boiler

Sep 25 2017· Eccotemp Systems LLC Tankless Water Heating GAS PIPING FACTS Information for properly sizing gas lines for use with tankless water heaters With any gas appliance it is essential that the gas supply system be properly sized to support the BTU load of the system

May 30 2018· When looking to install a new gas range be mindful of the gas lines available to you Without the right sized gas line your appliance won t work properly or could turn into a safety hazard To find the appropriate size of gas line you ll need a few measurements and a sizing table

Jun 20 2011· To size the line you have to know the total length from the second regulator to the farthest appliance and the btu s of each appliance and calculate the total btu load at each connection point Trick is to find a formula or guide I can use to determine the pipe size The only problem is that Munchkin put a 3 4 x 1 2 reducer as the

Gas Pipe Line Calculation Sizing USING CPC PIPE SIZING TABLE PROPANE To determine the size of each section of pipe in any system using piping and C or 94 cubic feet per hour requires 1 2 inch pipe Section 3 supplying outlets A B C and D or 230 cubic feet per hour requires 3 4 inch pipe…

Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing - Sizing pipes for natural gas - pressures above 5 psi 35 kPa Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing - Sizing low pressure natural gas pipe lines - Metric values Natural Gas - Pipe Sizing Calculator - Calculate the capacities and dimensions of natural gas pipe lines

Sep 01 2010· Should I use 1 2 pipe or bigger smaller and why Will I require a larger meter output or a larger line feeding the meter As I already stated the gas company told me that I m good for 230000 BTU with my current setup Please confirm or correct my uneducated guess that 1 2 inch pipe is a proper size My current service is large enough

Gas Line Sizing We now know the kind of piping which can be used for the distribution of natural gas within a are installing a 100 000 BTU hr furnace at Long Beach to deliver 100 000 BTUs of fuel we only have to deliver 100 Ft3 of natural gas because 100 X 1 000 = 100 000 However at Alta to deliver Pipe Size inches Nominal 1 2 3 4

Sep 17 2009· Obviously I need to give the plumber the BTU numbers for the furnace and hot water heater but I don t have any models selected for the dryer and range yet I ll deal with those later Range varies based on style BTU requried Dryer can be a 1 2 Not sure on Naturual Gas - but I think it would be the same that would determine what size

GAS PIPE LINE CALCULATION SIZING USING CPC PIPE SIZING TABLE NATURAL GAS divide the input of the appliances by the average Btu kW h heating value per cubic foot of the gas The average Btu per cubic foot is 1 100 At the top of this column will be found the correct size of pipe 5 Using this same row proceed in a similar manner

This chart will give you the size of the gas supply pipe needed based upon the BTU HR usage of the gas appliance s and the length of pipe used Example We re plumbing the gas supply for a 60 000btu 60k furnace and we have to go 40 feet Read across the …

Jan 18 2008· From reading the install manual for my infinity gas furnace it calls for a 2 1 2 PVC supply and exhaust piping to be used for my size furnace However it looks like 3 1 2 inch PVC piping was used Carrier install question re PVC size for supply and exhaust MWJHAV they did use a 3 inch PVC pipe with a 100 btu furnace Am I still fine

Feb 13 2009· It is not a pressure issue since the pressure remains the same no matter what the pipe size is It is a volume thing A 1 2 pipe carries about half the volume of 3 4 pipe Just like you would not plumb an entire house with 1 2 pipe you really shouldn t run 1 2 gas pipe to a lot of appliances that may have a high btu demand

Mar 27 2014· Gas line size for tankless water heater Discussion in Tankless Water Heater Forum started by DIY Steve Feb 19 look at the BTU ratings of the furnace dryer and cooktop Add it all up including the 180K for the Navien and compare it to the BTU rating of the meter regulator One quote is taking 1 2 line off the 3 4 to the new

Increasing gas pipe size from 1 2 to 3 4 at appliance a 1 2 line will carry over 172 000 BTU hr over the 8 distance The heater maxes out at 160 000 BTU I have two questions Since the 1 2 pipe will carry the required amount of gas to operate the appliance would increasing the line from 1 2 to 3 4 at the appliance cause any

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Aug 11 2018· See this table and this file 400 000 BTU hr is a little less than 400 cubic feet per hour A 1 line should not be longer than about 25 feet for this capacity And that doesn t include the total of all other gas devices used in your home assuming the line size you are referring to is the pipe from the street to your meter

Mar 25 2016· A 1 2 pipe will carry more gas at 2 psi than 0 5 psi The gas company should know what they are doing hopefully I feed after the meter with a 3 4 line just under 1 million BTU s but I also have an whole house generator and a on demand water heater and everything works fine BGE subcontracted the engineering and they came to the house