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Land-use factors have contributed nearly a third of total cumulative anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide since 1850 and that until as recently as 1965 was actually greater than emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels and production of cement The top 10 largest emitter countries account for 67 6 of the world total When looking at CO

Dec 30 2017· But there are a few countries which produce cheese and also export it to the international market Mentioned below are the Top 10 largest Cheese Producer Countries in the World 10 Canada 408825 metric tons At number 10 we have Canada as the 10th largest cheese producing country in the world

Top 10 wine producing regions in the world By Laura Mullan Jul 07 2018 10 00AM This decline in production of the three leading wine producing countries led to an increase in prices for many consumers around the world Spain is famous for producing concentrated and refined red and white wines particularly from the regions of Rioja and

Apr 22 2016· If you re interested in getting to know the 8 countries that produce the most leather in the world look no further This list should take care of that Leather production industry is among the

Production of some products is highly concentrated in a few countries while other are widely produced For instance China the leading producer of wheat and ramie in 2013 produces 6 of the world s ramie fiber but only 17 of the world s wheat Products with more evenly distributed production see more frequent changes in ranking of the top

Jun 01 2019· In this selection are highlighted the 10 largest agricultural producing countries in the world according to data usage from Statistic Division of Food and Agriculture Organization of United National FAOSTAT for 2012 Initially were observed the commodities that had higher production in 2012 milk rice beef pork chicken

Apr 26 2014· That is probably the reason why Germany is the largest importer of poultry in the world After USA Brazil and China we have a rather steep drop off in the total production with India and Russia in 4th and 5th respectively Following is the list of top 10 chicken producers in the world Q Which Country Produces the Most Poultry Chicks in the

Nov 23 2018· According to the report published in 2017 2018 Statista here is the list of top 10 sugar producing countries in the world Sugar Producing Countries 1 Brazil Brazil the largest producer of sugar in the world has a key part of growing their local economy in recent history with the help of sugarcane production Today Brazil is the leading

China China is the world s leader in the production of zinc and has remained in the top position for over a decade The country produced approximately 36 of global output in 2009 and approximately 34 in 2018 The largest zinc mines in China are the Caijiaying mine in Zhangjiakou Hebei province with 1 44 million tonnes of zinc the Huanren mine in northern China with 1 44 million tonnes of

Jan 02 2019· This is a list of top 10 oil producing countries in the world as of 2019 The United States Russia and Saudi Arabia still remain the top three highest oil-producing countries in the world according to the latest report by The U S Energy

Chile is currently the largest copper producing country in the world representing nearly 32 of global copper mine output Other leading countries in the global copper production as of 2016 were Chile Peru China the United States Australia the Democratic Republic of the Congo Zambia Canada Russia and Mexico

Apr 26 2016· What are the 8 countries that produce the most lead in the world We are glad you asked Lead is a highly malleable metal with many applications Lead …

Jan 01 2019· Top 10 Largest Meat Producing Countries In The World By Abayomi Jegede- AGDP of the country thus help in the economic growth Here is the list of the top meat producing countries in the world in 2019 along with the percentage of the total meat they contribute and the total production of meat in 2019 Table of Page Contents

Here is the list of top 10 countries that are leading in the wheat production and contribute largely to world s wheat production 10 Turkey - 20 3 Million Metric Tonnes Turkey is one of the world s largest countries in terms of agricultural lands Farming is practised in almost all parts of the country

10 Top Manganese-producing Countries India is one of the leaders in manganese consumption as well as one of the top producers in the world A vast majority of India s manganese goes to the

Jan 02 2019· Some of the places are superpowers while some are developing countries Moreover most of the oil supply around the world goes through these nations According to the amount of oil production every day they are presented as largest petroleum producing countries in 2019

Top 10 Cocoa Producing Countries While cocoa originated in Central America over 5000 years ago its popularity and production has spread globally We look at the nations that lead the world in cocoa production

China followed by Australia and Brazil are the three top ranking iron ore producing countries in the world Iron ore being extracted at the massive Mikhailovsky Mine in Russia Much of the iron ore are in the sedimentary rocks called Banded Iron Formations BIFs which dates back to more than 542

The United States is the top oil-producing country in the world with an average of 17 87 million b d which accounts for 18 of the world s production This is up from the 15 6 million b d in 2017

Cocos nucifera or Coconuts is one of the chief crops grown across the world The entire coconut tree is useful and there are various products derived from this plant It s also main part of the cuisine in the local coconut growing regions The following is the list of top 10 largest coconut producing countries in the world …

With a net electricity production of 879 99 billion kilowatt-hours in the year 2010 India places fifth in the list of the world s top ten electricity-producing countries A majority almost more than 50 of India s electric power supply comes from coal-powered plants

This statistic provides a country-by-country breakdown of lead mine production from 2010 to 2018 In 2018 Sweden s mines produced approximately 70 000 metric tons of lead Thus Sweden was among

102 · This list of top international rankings by country includes global-scale lists of …

Indonesia the Philippines and New Caledonia were the top nickel producing countries in 2018 Find out which other nations made the list As the electric vehicle EV industry continues to boom

Top Agricultural Producing Countries FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By Stephen D Simpson CFA Updated Jul 12 2012 Food drives the world apart from clean water access to adequate food is …

Jan 02 2018· Let us find out top 10 gold producing countries in the world along with their Gold production 10 Uzbekistan 90 000 Kilograms With the gold production of 90 000 kilograms per year Uzbekistan ranks at number 10 of the list This country is rich on minerals such as silver molybdenum uranium copper and of course gold

Jan 02 2019· Top 10 Largest Grapes Producing Countries In The World By Abayomi Jegede-January 2 2019 0 China has been a major producer of grape for the past 2000 years and has even been declared the leading grape-producing country in the world in the past The Xianghuan village is evident of the developing agriculture sector of the country as it

Dec 10 2019· World Beef Production Ranking Of Countries The United States is the largest producer of beef in the world followed by Brazil the European Union

Sep 13 2017· China the United States India Germany and Canada are the world s leading salt producing countries Salt is vital in the daily life of plants and animals Salt is one of the most common and affordable minerals in the world and it plays a vital role in the day to day life of plant and animal

Indonesia also known as the world s largest palm oil producer is among the world s top tea producing countries Despite due to the growth of the more lucrative palm oil business land devoted to tea plantations is shrinking Indonesia is still one of the leading producers of tea in the world with half of its tea being exported to the