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Sep 01 2018· This was none other than Suchitra Sen one of the stalwarts of Indian cinema Here we bring you 10 extremely rare photos of Suchitra Sen She was the …

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May 08 2012· A century-old collection of photographs of India has been discovered in the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland archive The rare and fragile glass plate negatives

Aug 24 2019· Rare photos of former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Photogallery at Times of India Former Union minister Arun Jaitley died at All India Institute of …

Oct 10 2018· Stunning photos of 19th century India are being auctioned By Maria Thomas October 10 2018 A spectacular collection of vintage photographs of India is …

Source - Scoopwhoop WARNING This article contains graphic content Viewer discretion is advised After gaining independence from British Raj India was to be divided into two separate countries India and Pakistan A major population exchange

Nov 19 2015· 9 The Times of India building at Elphinstone Circle in 1898 Rare Indian Photo 10 The uniform of the Indian Army soldiers in 1850 11 A spice food stall in Lahore then still a part of India…

Affectionately called the Elvis Presley of India Bollywood superstar Shammi Kapoor was known for his charismatic screen presence and boyish charms The actor who made his debut in Bollywood with Jeewan Jyoti in 1953 passed away in 2011 He was 79 On his 8th death anniversary we take a look at some rare photos of the Junglee actor

Jan 23 2018· A rare photo Indian Cricketers Sachin Sehwag and Zaheer partying dancing Chandrashekhar Azad dead body Death sentence judgement poster of bhagat singh sukhdev rajguru and others 1930 Indian Wrestler The Great Khali First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Nehru watching the snake charmer

Aug 15 2018· Rare Photos Of 15 August 1947 And British India Before Independence Every Indian Must Watch Share Independence day 2018 special Rare Photos of British India India Before Independence Must

These stunning pairs of photos leaves us stupefied on how India has evolved for better and sometimes bad Nevertheless we hope you will enjoy the journey to the past from the present with these set of …

The partition that parted so many from their lives 26 Extremely Rare Photos From 1947 That Show The Horror Of Partition India was to be divided into two separate countries India and

May 08 2012· Rare 100-Year-Old Photos of India from the British Raj Era Discovered PHOTOS By Sanskrity Sinha May 8 2012 08 26 BST A collection of about 178 photographs of India …

But photos don t tell the whole story and so much of what happened back then is hard to stomach But I wanted to share some rare visions of Native American women and children especially because not only is history of that time is not usually told with honesty but it rarely tells anything about the most vulnerable

May 24 2017· On 15th August 1947 India won independence This happened only after years of struggle of invaders coming and leaving of riots wars and disagreements between our leaders The most prominent of these disagreements was regarding the partition of India known as one of the most tragic events in

Dr Rajendra Prasad a great politician freedom fighter and first President of independent India during his visit to Madhya Pradesh on Aughust 17 1958 Rare pictures of Indian presidents

Apr 23 2019· What these rare images of 19th-century India tell us about colonial rule Written by Oscar Holland CNN The story of photography in 19th-century India is the tale of a new technological age

57 stunning images from the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 The Indian Mutiny was an uprising against British rule in India which began in 1857 Colour plate taken from the book Pictures of English

India News Rare pictures from 1947 the year India achieved its independence Rare pictures from 1947 the year India achieved its independence Updated August 10 2017 5 32 02 pm 1 10 FILE- In this June 10 1947 file photo Viceroy of India Lord Louis Mountbatten right speaks with Muslim League leader Muhammed Ali Jinnah during

As they say a photograph tells a thousand words we bring you some rare pictures of the famous families of Bollywood each one telling a different story

Historical Vintage Photographs and Videos of India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka Afghanistan Myanmar and Tibet

Aug 15 2019· On the 73rd Independence Day Take a look at the rare pictures of Indian freedom fighters who dedicated their lives for India s freedom Subhas Chandra Bose an Indian nationalist who fought the British during the Second World War

Dec 12 2008· Old and rare Photographs from Indian History 1 The daughter of an Indian maharajah seated on a panther she shot sometime during 1920s 2 A British man gets a pedicure from an Indian servant 3 The Grand Trunk Road built by Sher Shah Suri was the main trade route from Calcutta to …

These photos span over a time period of 100 years and would leave you thinking how we have come across so many dimensions to be where we are today 1 The first freedom struggle of India in 1857 with two people being hanged by the British 2 Daug

Aug 24 2019· Rare photos of former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Photogallery at Times of India Former Union minister Arun Jaitley died at All India Institute of …

Feb 24 2015· These Rare Photos Will Bring You Closer To India s Past The following pictures depict Mahatma Gandhi in different ages and how his appearance evolved over the years A rare …

Photos Of Former Defence Minister Arun Jaitley along with Army Chief Gen Bipin Singh Rawat Cheif of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa and Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba pay homage at Amar

India s past in photos The events the men the times We bring you select photos of the rare and iconic images that captures India s history Its triumphs and failures On the 69th Independence Day we take a look at the India that was 1

Mar 02 2017· Here are the 55 Rare Pictures of India 1 The original picture of Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai This picture was been taken by the German photographer Hoffman 160 years ago 2 The Real Hero

Mar 25 2018· India has very vast history and great culture We are united even we have great diversity Hence India is very good example for the phrase Unity in Diversity Now check out the very old and rare pictures of India and Indian s that you have never seen before and every Indian must see and share these old pictures